Call us the “Medical Equipment Specialists”

We create standard chairs that already have adjustability, comfort, easy access, and durability along with a laundry list of other excellent qualities.  Out of the assortment of chairs we already produce, by working with a sales rep or customer service employee, we can match you with a chair that best suits your needs.  In the end getting you what you want and need is the main goal, right?  However, if you find yourself in a special situation and you may desire something that requires a little creative thinking, we can do just that.  We are proud to say that we have been creating specialized chairs with the highest quality longer than anyone else in our market.

Customization was one of the “ideas” that ACTIVEAID, Inc. strives to be the best at and we have been doing it since the late 70’s.  That’s over 30 years worth of customization.  That’s longer than some of the competition has been in business.  I think, because of our experience, we have earned the name of “Medical Equipment Specialists” over the years.  We have done many “different” customizations from width, depth, and height adjustments to special seat and back configurations… there are too many customizations to count or describe with just one article.  If you have a question about if we can tailor a chair to your special needs (which we more than likely can) give us a call toll free! 1-800-533-5330

Our head engineer Jeff Gunderson has been working with individuals creating unique chairs to meet the special needs of customers for 23 years now.  Jeff, and his years of experience, will create a chair best fit for your needs and wants that is one of a kind for YOU!  It may be a small tweak or a completely custom chair, but it will always be best suited to your needs.  Plus, the custom chair will still have the adjustable features our standard chairs have for your own on-the-go customizations, if you so desire.

If you think you have a situation that is too “different” or out of the norm for us, just try us.  I bet you will be surprised, because over the 30 years of customization we have run into many, many different situations and yours may be right up our alley.  Maybe we will be the surprised ones seeing something new that we have never done before.  With that said, we always like a challenge.  We are here to make you a made -to-order chair that you feel safe and secure in that can be depended on for years to come and we will do everything we can to surpass your expectations.   We make shower and commode chairs that you can call your own.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

– Jon