JTG series flip back style Arm

Hi from all of us at ACTIVEAID.  Want to start off by apologizing for not having a blog post for a while, but here is a new one now, so we hope you enjoy it!

I want to take the time to give an explanation of how our JTG flip back style arm works.  This particular style arm first originated on the 600 JTG series, approximately 16 years ago, and is actually incorporated in several other models we manufacture.  For instance, models 285, 805, 824, 1024, and through customization of the frame, the JTG flip back style arm can be added to the 480 model as well.  And if you read our September 6th blog,” Call us the Medical Equipment Specialists” you know that customizing to ones particular needs, is what we do.  And I think this is as good a time as any to mention a new model coming out soon that also will have the JTG flip back style arm. But we can save that for a later blog.

With that said, I will also have some pictures to show the arm and its function.  Pictures always help and never hurt in my opinion.  Besides the actual arm itself, there are some other components, such as the armrest pivots, that are crucial to its function.  The armrest pivots are made right here in house.  These pieces are machined out of aluminum and mount to the back tubes of each model that uses this style arm.  Along with the armrest pivot, there is an armrest support.  The armrest supports are molded plastic that are mounted to the front part of the frame (right and left), are cradle shaped, catch the front part of the arm, and provide significant front-end support.  Again, the pictures will hopefully help in this explanation.  Now, incorporated in this armrest support is metal armlock.  This part locks the arm in the armrest support, helping clients to perform weight shifts. Lost or confused yet?  Hope not, this is a great time to view the pictures to clear up any confusion.  Obviously we feel this design to be simple, but yet very functional, and again is why it is incorporated in several different models.

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