New – Models 1124 and 1105

Spring has sprung here at ACTIVEAID Inc. in Redwood Falls MN. New growth is taking place, the grass is greener then it was a few months ago,  new crop for the 2012 year is being planted and of course the gardeners and gardens will be busy with planting new plants in hopes that they will reap the benefits come this summer and fall. 

And since we are on the subject of “new”, let’s take the time to mention the new ACTIVEAID model 1124 and 1105. Now we did touch on the 1124 model a few months ago.  The webpage has been up for a few months now and has a video that is very informative; you may have viewed this already.  However the 1105 is not shown, and there are no specifications or measurements for you to view.  We will be adding those different measurements shortly, with a picture of the 1105 as well.  One note to keep in mind is that the 1105 is height adjustable only, no seat slope adjustment on this model.  And since these models can come with so many different adjustments, the specifications that will be posted will just include the basics.  Remember, as always, we can be contacted toll free Monday thru Friday, 8 – 4:30 central standard time.  Also we have a new employee in the customer service department.  His name is Jack Nelson and some dealers might have already had the opportunity to talk with him, so if you call in, welcome him to the team.