On the Cutting Edge of “Groundbreaking”

ACTIVEAID, Inc. has been breaking new ground since we first started in 1965 and still today we are proud to say we are one of the first companies in our particular field that will be breaking into the social media and blogging world!  Okay, so it’s not super ground breaking but, hey, we think it’s a big step. We believe it’s a crucial part of our business to become closer to our customers and business contacts, so buckle up and get ready because we are about to become new best friends!  Let us know who you are (we really want to know) and we will share more about us.

First question of the blogging experience, (see we are still breaking new ground) what do you want us to write about? What would be most beneficial to you? What can we do for you?  You get the picture.  We are going to put together our brainpower here and have a post ready for you to read every other Monday. However, if we do get a fantastic response from readers and they want something every week, we will order take out and stay up all night to get a post done every week.  Let’s just stick to once every two weeks for now.

Back to the “Breaking New Ground” theme, the founder and first “groundbreaker” of ACTIVEAID, Inc. was Carl Oja.  You could say he had a couple good ideas that got things off the ground and look at us now!  He once said “The recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” Take a second to really think about an item you purchased a long time ago that did its job and lasted.  Tough task, I know, but it could be anything (Shoes, Camera, Airplane).  If you can’t remember the price I bet you can still remember the quality of the product whether good or bad, because quality is something that can stick easier than any number can.

Lets get this blogging thing off on the right foot or wheel, and try to have a little fun while informing you, our friends, customers and business associates, who help ACTIVEAID, Inc. stick around.  This way we can help you and many other people in the best way possible for generations to come.

Thanks, friend.