Staying on Time… Rain, Snow, or Shine (or WIND!)

Happy Monday everyone, hope your weekend was splendid.  Welcome to the ACTIVEAID Blog and if this isn’t your first time reading, welcome back!  First of all, if you have any questions “about the blog” or you just want to send an email to the blogging team. (Email  PLEASE do, we would love to hear your feedback.  If it’s easier, simply leave a comment after reading the blog at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you.  We are new to this whole blogging thing and want to make it the best experience for you by writing about news and events you may want to hear about!  Posts could be news about an employee, new ideas, changes to ACTIVEAID, Inc., trade shows, stories about individuals that use our products, or anything else under the sun that is worth sharing. Please let us know what’s interesting to you and how we can make this blog a success!

This post is going to be a conglomerate of a few different topics packed together; wicked weather, employee appreciation week, and contact/feedback info. (Covered one already above… check)  It’s a lot to pack into one post, but I think we can manage it in a few minutes.

Earlier in July we had some severe weather blow through, I’m talking 70, 80, 90+ MPH winds.  It was “tornado-esk” if you will.  It was some of the worst weather I have ever seen in this area.  There were evergreen trees that were 3-4 feet around the base that simply snapped in half and too many trees to count that were uprooted and fell on anything in its path that caused some havoc to businesses and homes in the area.  Just getting around town was a puzzle.  Trees blocked off roads (pictured top right) turning Redwood Falls into a wonderful maze; you would drive for a while only to take a U turn after a couple blocks and try another route.   I had this feeling of a mouse in a cage trying to find a piece of cheese (cheese = my destination) for a couple of days. 

Luckily here at ACTIVEAID, Inc. we only had three old, old trees 4-6 feet around the base (One uprooted tree pictured right) that we lost at our main building and a bit of roof damage at our metal finishing plant.  So, the roof at powder coating was leaky there for a while and our property needed a once over to clean up the big trees and debris.  The sounds of chainsaws were the tune humming for the next couple weeks after the storm, wherever you were there was somebody carving away at a piece of wood in the area, guaranteed.  Hidden moral of the story, not even wicked weather can slow ACTIVEAID down in production of our quality shower and commode chairs.  We do our best to get orders out and to the customer on time, no matter what, and we always will.

Last week starting Monday August  8th, ACTIVEAID, Inc. holds a week every year to show appreciation to the hard working employees.  Thursday was the big day where employees are given a half day off and BBQ lunch is on the house.  Our President Mark Oja and Vice President Charles Nearing throw on an apron, get some charcoal going, and grill up a wonder“FULL” assortment of food for the employees.  If you go hungry here, obviously you didn’t grab enough the first time through, and should repeat until desired capacity is reached.  While employees are enjoying their meal, employee’s names are drawn for their pick from an assortment of prizes ranging from tickets to Twins or Vikings games, Vikings tumblers, shirts, jackets, coolers, etc. all the way to “Redwood Bucks” that can be used anywhere in the Redwood Area.  The key to this is to get picked first or early. 😉

After the food is done there is an employee golf tournament that is held at the Redwood Falls Golf Club for those who would like to enjoy their  half day off with a little golf.  It is a scramble format where everyone tees off and takes the best shot and then everybody hits again from that location.  This year it was a tight battle between two teams and after the 9-hole match one team prevailed with a score of 5 under par, second place was only one stroke behind with 4 under par.  I don’t want to brag but the author of this blog was on the team that won, so the FORE or I mean FOUR members get to carry around a “mental” trophy and have bragging rights until the next year. (How sweet it is!)  After the tournament is complete there is, of course, a little chit chat going back and forth between teams and a couple one liners to rub it in just a little.  However, after everything is said and done, the main objective of this day was to have some laughs and good times to bring our group of employees closer together.


Until next time, please stay out of gale force winds when playing golf… Oh and thanks for reading!