Green has returned

Spring has returned. Now, with some needed rain, green has returned to our trees. We are still looking out for the blossoms on our crabapple trees. For now, enjoy some of the growing greens pictures. See other pictures of our surrounds trees here.

Oh deer

Though we have taken some pictures of deer already, we are adding a few more today. Earlier this week, a group of four deer walked right up to the building, almost directly outside the customer service windows. They were eating from our crabapple trees, letting us have a very close encounter with them. Click here […]

Burdett’s Retirement Party

Congratulations Burr! Burdett H. is now entering retirement as this year comes to a close. We thank him for all he has done and wish him the best. Burr is a Vietnam Veteran who has worked at ACTIVEAID, Inc. for over 24 years. He worked in both our metal finishing plant and our main manufacturing building. […]

Give us a sign

Having trouble finding us on the road? No more! We have a new sign outside our building. We’re retiring our ‘old corral’ sign in favor of a slick and elegant business sign (that lights up!). Shayne, from our in house costumer service team, has worked on the design and ordering for over a year. He […]

It is Christmasy I guess

I’ve never had so many requested this past week to send photos, so there are a few more winter images on our photo page. People wanted pictures of our crab-apple trees outside. With the snow, the trees provide us with a perfect Christmas decoration.

Winter Wonderland

Our headquarters is in the northern united states, so winter is our longest season. Winter has already arrived in full force. It has been snowing for over 24 hours and the snow is still falling down. Though this may be a hassle for all of us living up here, it does create some beautiful scenery. […]

First Wildlife of the season

Deer, pheasants, and other animals often walk through our grounds during autumn, winter, and spring months. We’re adding a part of our photo page dedicated to these moments. We just took our first photos of our first deer this year. See more in the link.

Thank You Veterans!

Happy Veteran’s Day! We at ACTIVEAID, Inc. would like to thank all of those who have served our country. We thank you and extend our respect for all that you have done, all that you have given, and all you have sacrificed. You have always been the best of us. We would also like to […]

Autumn Photos

The cooler season comes all too quickly here in Minnesota. The snowy weather can start anytime between now and the end of December. For now, we wish to publish a few pictures of our Fall Season. We have a colorful view of the autumn trees that surround our establishment. See more images here

Remodeled Mobile Site

Last week, while updating our website we added a new refurbished mobile site. Our goal was to make the information on our site easier to view on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. While some mobile sites dumb-down or removed information, our goal was to keep all information present and easy to access. Information on […]