The Shadow 9000 is Now Available!

Hark! The Shadow 9000 is finally here! The Shadow 9000 is now ready to be ordered! We have been advertising our new product for about a month and we are pleased to announce that The Shadow 9000 is now fully released and available. The Shadow 9000 is an E&J dimensionally equivalent chair with our new […]

Update: Coming Soon. It’s exactly 9000!!!!!!!!!

We are proud to announce that our new product, The Shadow 9000, has now launched on our site and is to soon be available. The Shadow 9000 is an E&J dimensionally equivalent chair with our new unique designs. From our very own folding style frame to our pressure seat management configuration, The Shadow 9000 is […]

New Video for the Model 1218

We have created a new video for the Model 1218, Modular Growth Tilt-In-Space. See Model 1218’s page for more details.   Click here to open the gallery.Powered by Cincopa wp content plugins solution for your website and Cincopa MediaSend for file transfer.

Company Picnic and Golf

It is Employee Appreciation Week here at ACTIVEAID, INC. CEO and management grilled food for everyone which preceded a drawing for prizes. Afterwords, 25 ACTIVEAID employees and affiliates took to the golf course (Redwood Falls Golf Club in Redwood Falls, MN). There were five teams of five, the top team shooting five under: a 30 […]

Model 2000 Parallel Bars Onsite Assemble

ACTIVEAID, Inc. provides a large variety of rehabilitation and therapy products. Our main emphasis is in the rehabilitation, shower, and commode chair line. We also have specialty times that are not included in our standard catalog. The model 2000 Parallel Bars are used as a professional treatment product that aids in recovery and therapy after […]

Golf Fundraiser

The future of agriculture, caring for one’s community, and golfing on a warm summer’s day: these are three things that you learn to appreciate when living in southwest Minnesota. This week, we put all three together. On July 13th, we golfed and helped sponsor the 2015 Ag Ribeye Open at the Redwood Falls Golf Club […]

A kitten

If you have noticed lately, there has been a few changes to the webpage. This includes a slightly updated look, new photos and new features. Our intentions is to bring you the best information as quickly and effectively as possible; making our page easy to navigate as well as having the most up-to-date and easy-to-read […]

The New Modular Growth Tilt-In-Space 1218

We’ve been preaching about our new 1218 for over a month now, from the International Seating Symposium in Nashville, TN, to our own news and advertisements, but the time has come for our new Modular Growth Tilt-In-Space Shower/Commode Chair Model 1218 to be launched on our site. Click on the link here to see more […]

Road Side Clean Up

On top of making our products all In America, we at ACTIVEAID, Inc. have a genuine care about the community we are based in, our home. Part of our spring cleaning is cleaning up Activeaid Road, the large stretch of road that that runs past our facility. It is our way of aiding the beauty […]

New upcoming 1218 Model!

ACTIVEAID, Inc. recently exhibited at the International Seating Symposium in Nashville, TN, introducing our new model #1218 Modular Growth Tilt-In-Space Shower/Commode chair – it will be available for sale in April. This unit will provide tool-free adjustments and growth for the pediatric user from 12″x12″ to 18″x18″ seat sizes in 2″ increments. The seat upholstery […]