Model 1218

Modular Growth Tilt-In-Space
Shower/Commode Chair
Model # 1218


The model number signifies the dimensional capabilities of 12” to 18” adjustable seat widths/depths. Adjustments can be accomplished on a single Stainless Steel base frame with non-corrosive components that afford the durability to withstand many years of use and growth. Seat width/depth can be adjusted and grow with no tools needed. Begin with one of three seat sizes including 12″ x 12″, 14″ x 14″, or 16″ x 16″ then adjust as necessary with other seat sizes including 14″ x 14″, 16″ x 16″, or 18″ x 18″.

The unique Gravity Assist Tilt provides infinite adjustment and is easily tilted with or without seat load.

Seat and backrest components comprise a system that can include padded hip guides(Neat-seat) and flip-up padded armrests that adjust to desired seat width. * The adjustable backrest is part of the seating system that can include trunk laterals and will adjust to the desired seat depth.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel frame with non-corrosive composite components
  • Gravity Assist Tilting system (patented) with infinite adjustments to 32 degrees
  • Adjustable depth back, adjustable slack back
  • Pediatric removable, height adjustable footrests
  • Cervical support with vertical and horizontal adjustments w/pediatric/movable support bar
  • Flip-back padded removable arm with locking system for weight shift
  • Dual locking 5″ Stainless Steel/composite casters
  • Calf strap
  • Seat belt
  • 350 lbs capacity

Optional Accessories

  • Arm Troughs
  • Arm Mounted “Neat Seat”
  • Abductor/Deflector (12” and 14”)
  • Abductor/Deflector (16”)
  • Pediatric Foam Headrest
  • Swing away Adjustable Laterals (pr)
  • Additional Safety Strap
  • Bodypoint® Trunk Belt
  • Adult Length Legrests
  • Heel loops
  • Pediatric Pan Holder
  • Adult Pan Holder


Seat Height 24¼”
Seat Width/Depth 12″x12″,14″x14″,16″x16″,or 18″x18″ Tool free seat swap
Under-Seat Clearance 19½” (upright)
Back Type Adjustable Sling Back
Weight Capacity 350lbs
Arm Style Removable Flip Back
Footrests Pediatric and Adult available
Wheels 5″ Dual Lock Casters
Overall Height 46” (inches), with back upright and seat horizontal.
37 ½” (inches), with back reclined, armrests in upper position, seat tilted forward and footrests retracted.
Overall Width 24 ¼” (inches)
28 ¾” (inches), with arm trough (option A1)
Overall Depth 47 ½” (inches), with standard (pediatric) footrests and full tilt.
38 ½” (inches), with footrests and no tilt
Chair Weight
(without any options)
55 lbs