101 Rehab Shower/Commode Chair-Bath/Toilet Modular System

The 101 differs from the 202 as it offers a more simple version of the 202. The 101 offers a stainless frame, legs with crutch tips and seat.

There are 12 seating options that offer the size, contour and shape to fit a wide range of needs. It is lightweight, easy to move out of the way, and no tools are required for disassembling the legs for travel or for height adjustment. Easy to use, versatile, sturdy, and comfortable make the 101 an outstanding bathroom aid.

101 Options

202 Rehab Shower/Commode Chair-Bath/Toilet Modular System

The 202 differs from the 101 as it offers right and left hand armrests with pad, and a bench. You can choose between a B-O Transfer Bench or a Short Transfer Bench. It also offers back tubes with a solid back pad.

The 202 is unique in its design to accommodate perineal access from four directions.  The cut-out portion of the seat can be placed over the toilet in the desired direction, and the legs can be adjusted in height while maintaining a stable platform for seating.

202 Options