P60911 18″Wx18″D Ensolite® Front/Rear Open Seat

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18″Wx18″D Ensolite® Front/Rear Open Seat (A-4.5″xB-7.5″ opening, 1″ foam)

Ensolite® Seats may offer the potential for a dual density foam. Allowing air to move in and out providing a softer seat for a little more give.

*Seat works in all 4 positions*

4-way seating can be used by snapping a square seat on the front, rear, or side openings. This option provides flexibility in multi-use environments, whether a group home, hospital, clinic, etc.

Advantages of 4-way seating: multi-use, orientate the keyhole to the back for the caregiver, less invasive for caregivers, and variety of access.