P61058 18″Wx18″D Ensolite® Front Open Contoured Seat

18″Wx18″D Ensolite® Front Open Contoured Seat (A-5.5″xB-8.25″ opening, 2″ waterfall foam)

Ensolite® seating may offer the potential for a dual density foam. Allowing air to move in and out providing a softer seat for a little more give.

The ActiveAid seats offering contoured foam seating have a more aggressive slope near the middle opening of the seat. This can provide pressure relief and can assist with the distribution of weight.

The Waterfall foam may offer a 1 inch foam layer on the inside of the seat opening. When you press down the foam falls into the opening and creates more padding around possible pressure points. Depending on the chair/product it’s available in 1, 1 ½ or 2 inches of foam thickness.