P61190 18″Wx18″D Molded Foam Oval Contoured Seat

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18″Wx18″D Molded Foam Oval Contoured Seat (A-7.25″xB-12.5″ opening, 2.25″ foam)

The transitional seat assembly allows for approximately 4.5cm(1.75”) of fore/aft adjustment to position the seat aperture appropriately for the user’s needs.

The contoured foam seating may have a more aggressive slope near the middle opening of the seat. This may provide pressure relief and assist with the distribution of weight.

The oval seating may create better weight distribution making longer bowel programs manageable. With equal width across the front and back and straight sides connecting them the provided opening is deeper without compromising on comfort. There is no slot in the front of the chair making leg interference no longer an issue.

The molded foam seat is a lighter-weight alternative that still provides supportive contours.